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How It Works
1.       On the Home Page select a city from the drop down tab in the box marked number 1 or, you can enter your destination zip code in the box on the lower right of the page.
2.       Once you find your destination select the products you would like to rent and checkout.
3.       Fill in your details on the reservation forms that follow.
4.       You will receive an email confirmation within 24 hours.
5.       Yes, it’s that simple! To find out more specific details about your area check our Location Details chart
            Private residence - Yes we will deliver and pick up the baby gear right form a residence. If your renting a crib we will set it up as well. Just select the “Private residence” option on your reservation form and fill in the address. Each location has a different set of time windows that you can select to have your equipment dropped off and picked up. Once you see the time options for your area simply ask the person you are staying with what would be most convenient for them. We can also arrange the delivery and pick up times directly with your host and in many cases (with the exception of full size cribs) leave equipment on a secluded porch or side gate. If you are staying in a gated community don’t forget to leave us the gate code in the “Special Instructions” section of your order or tell the security guard we are coming. To view the delivery time windows and other options for your area please see our Location Details chart.
            Rental Properties - Deliveries to rental properties can work a couple of ways.
1.       If you or someone in your party will be at the destination during one of the available time windows offered for that location on both your delivery and pick up days then select the appropriate times on your reservation form and we will be there. If you are staying in a gated community don’t forget to leave us the gate code in the “Special Instructions” section of your order or tell the security guard we are coming.
2.       We work with most property management companies and home owners so if you are arriving or departing outside the available time windows for your location we can arrange the delivery and pick up directly with them. Usually there is a cleaning crew there prior to your arrival and after you depart so we can get access easily. If there is no cleaning crew many times the property manager can either meet us there or give us access to the unit. In many cases (with the exception of full size cribs) we can also leave equipment on a secluded porch or side gate. Just select the “Rental Home/Condo” option on your reservation form and give us the property management info. Let them know that your renting baby equipment and we will do the rest.
Hotels – Be aware! If you ask a hotel if they have cribs and they say yes, they are most likely talking about a pack n play or portable crib and not a full size crib. If you are renting a full size crib at a hotel in most cases it will be set up in your room prior to your arrival. Please be sure to let the hotel know you have a delivery coming and we will arrange the details with them. All other items can be dropped off and picked from the hotel front desk or concierge so you don’t necessarily have to be there when we deliver or pickup. When you check out just return the items back to the front desk tagged with your name. Make sure that the items are returned back to the front desk at the beginning hour of the pickup time slot you select on your reservation form.
Airports - Depending on your destination, airport service can be arranged several different ways. With the exception of full size cribs, items can be delivered to you directly at the same time you are picking up your rental vehicle or exiting the baggage claim area. Some locations also offer service to cell phone lots at the airport. All you need to do is provide your flight and car rental information on your reservation form along with an estimated time of arrival and departure. If you are not renting a vehicle and need service to your baggage claim area or cell phone lot please specify that in the “Special Instructions” section of your reservation form. To see what airport delivery options are available in your city please go to our Location Details chart.
Self Pickup - Some locations allow you to pick up and drop off your own equipment (with the exception off full size cribs). To find out if this option is available in your city and where the pickup location is please look it up on the Location Details page. We will work with you on timing your pickup and drop off as it coincides with your travel schedule and our availability. When submitting your form you can select certain time options and you will be contacted via email to arrange a final time along with contact information.
Separate Delivery/Pickup Locations – Yes we can pick up your rental equipment from a different location than the one it was dropped off at but it must be a location within the same city.  First check the Directory List in your city to see if the pickup location is an area we cover and if it is simply specify the pickup address in the “Special Instructions” section of your reservation form.  An extra fee may apply. 
Order Changes
            Making changes to an order can be done easily through our order editing system. Note that order changes are subject to availability and will be confirmed via email.
1. On the home page select the “My Orders” tab and enter your login information. 
2. From this page you can view and edit your order.
3. Once you have finished making your changes select the “Confirm Order Updates” tab at the bottom of the page and your all set.                                                                                                                              
4. We can also edit your order or answer any questions you may have but using the “Message” tab to the right hand side of your order. Simply let us know what changes you would like to make and we will take it from there.
Billing Information
            Once an order is placed your card will be verified and then charged within 48 hours. Any order cancellations or adjustments due to order changes will be applied to the credit card on file. Sorry but we do not accept cash or checks. Please see our Terms and Conditions page regarding order cancellations and other important information.
            The billing period for a reservation starts on the delivery day and concludes the day prior to pick up. You are not charged for the pickup day as that is considered a non use day. 

Terms and Conditions

Please see our Terms and Conditions page which will explain equipment policies and regulations. Contact us with any questions.