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Frequently Asked Questions
Can I pick up my own equipment?
Baby equipment rental agencies generally do not have store locations most orders are done with delivery. Some locations will allow you to go to their storage sites but this is more rare. To see if your area offers it select the Locations tab above and check the far right hand field for more info.

How do I place an order?

1.       On the Home Pageselect a city from the drop down tab in the box marked number 1 or, you can enter your destination zip code in the box on the lower right of the page.

2.       Once you find your destination select the products you would like to rent and checkout.

3.       Fill in your details on the reservation forms that follow.

4.       You will receive an email confirmation within 24 hours.

5.       Yes, it’s that simple! To find out more specific details about your area check our Location Details chart

Can I make changes to my order?

Yes. If you need to make changes to your order please log into your account and from there you will be able to make any necessary changes. You will be able to add or remove items, change dates, delivery/ pick up times and addresses. You will receive an order change confirmation via email. Please note that all changes made within 48 hours of the delivery time should also be called in at 1800-304-4866 and are subject to availability. 

How far ahead should I place an order?

Ordering as early as possible is the best way to make sure you will get what you need. As soon as you know your traveling dates go on line and book your equipment. Whenever traveling during holiday or summer months try booking several weeks ahead as those are the busiest times. During non holiday or summer months one to two weeks notice is sufficient. We will always try to accommodate last minute orders. 

What if I have a last minute order?

Orders placed within 48 hours of the delivery date should be made on line and also called in at 
1-800-304-4866 Remember you must receive a confirmation for your order to be processed and delivered. 

Is there a minimum order amount?

Minimum orders range between $35 - $50 depending on your destination. You may still place an order that falls below this amount but will be charged the appropriate minimum for the area. Some locations require a 3 day minimum order. There is a 4 item maximum on orders under 3 days. If renting more than 4 items for less than 3 days then the 3 day rate will apply.

When does my rental term begin and end?

Your rental term will begin on the day of delivery and end on your last day of use. The pick up day is not considered a use day and you will not be charged for it. 

Do you assemble the cribs?

Most locations no longer need to assemble cribs. The newer style cribs nowadays simply roll in and unfold with a few latches there is no Hardware or assembly required they can easily be done by most anyone.

At what times are deliveries done?

Depending on your destination city there is generally a 2 - 4 hour time window needed for all deliveries and pick ups of baby equipment. Options of different time windows for your city can be selected on your reservation form. If no one is available at the location during your designated delivery or pick up time there will be an attempt to reschedule with an additional fee. Please see the our Location Details page for specific delivery times in your area.

What are the delivery rates?

Delivery rates can range between $25 - $45 and are based on the distance traveled to your destination . All rates include delivery, pick up and any necessary assembly of equipment. Please see the our Location Details page for specific delivery rates in your area.

Do you provide long term rentals?

Long term rentals are available in most locations and apply on orders lasting more than 2 weeks. To check on rates please click on our long term rental form and we will email you a quote. 

How does Payment work and what forms of payment do you accept?

Your card information is needed to complete your reservation form and will be charged at the time a reservation is submitted. If you need to make any changes to your order we will apply any credits or additions to the card on file. We accept all major credit cards. Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover. 

Are your products clean and safe?

Safety is a primary concern when renting baby equipment. All Products are up-to-date and meet all the current federal safety standards. Products are checked after use and replaced as needed with a focus on the changing baby industry. For more information on product safety please see the Consumer Products Safety Commission at 
All equipment is properly cleaned and sanitized using non toxic products before delivery. 

Can you install car seats?

Sorry but we do not install car seats. Information on installing car seats are posted on the car seats themselves. Local fire stations can also install car seats.

Can I pick up my own equipment?

Some locations allow you to pick up and drop off your own equipment (with the exception off full size cribs). If this is available in your destination city the option will appear on your reservation form. We will work with you on timing your pick up and drop off as it coincides with your travel schedule and our availability. When submitting your form you can select certain time options and you will be contacted via email to arrange a final time along with contact information. In the event an appointment is missed there will be an attempt to reschedule and an additional fee may apply. Please see the our Location Details page to check if your area offers self pick up.

Can you pick up from a location different than the original delivery location?

If you need your items picked up from a different location than they were dropped off at this can be easily done. The pick up area must be within the coverage zone and additional fees may apply depending on the location. This service is not available when renting full size cribs. Full size cribs must be assembled and disassembled by the delivery person and cannot be assembled or disassembled by the renter. If you need a crib transferred to a different location please designate that on your order form under the comments section. An additional fee will apply for any crib transfers. Please note that if no one is available at the location during your designated delivery or pick up time there will be an attempt to reschedule with an additional fee may apply. 

Do you deliver to airports?

Service can be provided to car rental agencies either in or around major airports. With the exception of full size cribs, items can be delivered to you directly at the same time you are picking up your rental vehicle. Please provide your flight and car rental information on your reservation form along with an estimated time of arrival to the car rental agency. On some occasions the car rental agency can hold the equipment if you are running late and cannot meet the delivery person but this is the exception to the rule. Your flight info will be checked for delays but when possible call toll free 1800-304-4866 with updates on late arrivals. Extra charges may apply in some areas for airport deliveries or time delays. Please see the our Location Details page to see what airports we cover in your area.

What about damages/ lost or stolen products?

Unfortunately we cannot insure any rental equipment against damages, theft or loss. With the exception of high chairs it is highly recommended that no food or leaky bottles be given to children while using the equipment. Products must be returned in the condition received or a fee to be assessed at the time of return will apply to the credit card on file. The renter is responsible for loss or theft of rental equipment and agrees to pay for any replacements needed. Products must be returned with all accessories and parts intact and in proper working order. Any excess damage to rental equipment aside from normal wear will be repaired or replaced (depending on the condition) at the expense of the renter. Any additional fees resulting from loss, theft, repair or replacement will apply to the credit card on file. 

What is your cancellation Policy?

It is understood that travel plans can change. There is a $15 processing charge on all orders canceled prior to 72 hours of the delivery date. Orders canceled within 72 hours of the delivery date will be charged either 50% of the original order amount or the minimum order amount whichever is greater. Refunds on early returns vary from location to location please contact us for more details on your location (1800-304-4866). There are no refunds on early returns during holiday periods Nov 25 - Jan 3 or summer months. June 1 - Sept 1

Important note:

Traveling Baby Company recommends that no foods or liquids that can stain products be given to children during use. This is a great way to avoid any extra cleaning or replacement fees.